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Why You Need An Immigration Lawyer

Immigration lawyers provide a wide range of services, from helping a non-immigrant extend his visa to fighting deportation proceedings. With U.S. immigration policy in flux, many procedures that were once relatively simple have become complex and challenging.
If you are a permanent resident seeking citizenship or a non-immigrant seeking a change in status or extension, you may want to consult an immigration lawyer before taking any action.

Even permanent residents may lose residence by leaving the country for an extended period of time. Likewise, many criminal convictions can alter immigration status and eligibility. Therefore, any non-citizen charged with a crime in the United States would be wise to consult an immigration lawyer before making any decisions with regard to the criminal case. A plea agreement that looks otherwise favorable might nonetheless cause problems with the Department of Justice and lead to removal proceedings.

The best time to consult an immigration lawyer is before problems arise. Ensuring that all applications and documentation are properly completed and submitted might pre-empt later complications. An immigration attorney can help make sure that all procedures are followed.

An immigration lawyer can also help you make good decisions by explaining the differences among the various classifications, which might be most beneficial in your circumstances, and what kinds of support and documentation will be required.

Mistakes in the immigration process, failure to provide necessary documentation, conviction of a seemingly minor crime, and many other issues can have a long term impact on immigration rights. If you have questions about the immigration process or your immigration or non-immigrant status, take the initiative to talk to an immigration attorney now and get the answers you deserve.

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